Live-Konzert von Taika no Kaishin meets friends

Taika no Kaishin
Das ist ein Projekt von NILO NILOCO(vo) und Masako Sakai (p). Sie spielen japanische Volksmusik,“Douyou“. Die beiden treten auf japanischen Festen in Deutschland und Japan auf.


Taika no Kaishin meets friends instrumental Version – ohne Nilo- lädt zwei Künstler ein: Riccardo Lovatto und Gringo und stellt neue Interpretation aus dem Taika no Kaishin Programm vor, dazu bekannte Pop- und Jazz-Songs.

Gringo Musiker,Produzent,DJ aus München,seit langem in verschiedenen Bands und Projekten zwischen Rock,HipHop und Dub aktiv.

Ricardo Lovatto
In 2005 With his „No root“ band he won for two years in a row a European
scholarship for original young bands and he attended the seminar „Joung jazz puzzle for Europe“ in Mouscron, Belgium.
In 2010 he joined the „Ozkestra“ and had a chance to play with artists such as William Parker.
In 2012 he played with Gabriele Boggio Ferraris quintet at the first edition of the national Italian Jazz festival „Jazzit Fest“. In 2012 he moved in Tokyo where he worked as a musician and composer. In 2014 he presented -with his “ Wolfgang 4et“- an original music project called „Musicalshodo“with a tour in Tokyo and Kyoto.
In 2014 he started teaching at “The American Guitar Academy” and he had the chance to teach seminars about blues and jazz music at “Osaka University”. In 2015 he became the music director and composer for the show “Latino-americando”. In 2016 his first recording called“Shinnen” was released. Every song in this album has been written using an original Lovatto’s writing system with the goal of translating Japanese “kanji” into
melodies and music. In 2017 he became music director and performer for
“Motif” jazz bar, Four Seasons Tokyo.